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Application of Laser Ranging Sensor in Intelligent Transportation


Laser ranging technology may be applied in intelligent transportation on the Internet of Things, including laser speed sensor, automobile collision avoidance system, traffic flow monitoring, vehicle type description, pedestrian violation monitoring and other precise monitoring and measurement applications.

Anti-collision Detector for Automobile

Generally speaking, most of the existing laser ranging sensors of automobile collision prevention systems use laser beams to identify the distance between the target vehicles in front or behind the situation in a non-contact way. When the distance between the vehicles is less than the predetermined safe distance, the automobile anti-collision system brakes the vehicle urgently or brakes the vehicle. It can reduce the traffic accidents by giving an alarm or judging and responding to the vehicle in real time by synthesizing the target vehicle speed, vehicle distance, vehicle braking distance and response time. Its advantages are more obvious when it is used on expressways.

Traffic Flow Monitoring and Wheel Profile Description

This method of use is usually fixed on the gantry frame of high-speed or important intersection. Laser emits and receives vertical ground down, aiming at the middle position of a lane. When a vehicle passes through, the Laser Ranging Sensor can output the relative change value of the measured distance value in real time, and then draw the outline of the measured vehicle.

This measurement method generally uses a range of less than 30 meters, and requires a relatively high laser ranging speed, generally required to reach 100 Hz.

This can achieve good results in monitoring important sections, distinguish different types of vehicles, and the sampling rate of body height scanning can reach 10 centimeters a point. High flow limit, long limit and vehicle classification can be distinguished in real time, and the results can be output quickly.

Laser Velocity Sensor

Laser ranging sensor is one of the earliest forms of laser ranging technology in the field of traffic management, because of its excellent performance, it has been gradually popularized in practical applications. Laser ranging sensor is based on the principle of laser ranging. It measures the distance of the measured object twice with a specific time interval, and obtains the distance change of the measured object within this time interval, so as to get the moving speed of the measured object.

Laser ranging sensor is easy to measure speed and obtain evidence because of its small beam divergence angle. Unlike radar Doppler velocimeter, it can't know the specific vehicle that is overspeed in multi-lane measurement. Moreover, because the laser velocity sensor emits near infrared light, it can't be detected by radar detector, electronic dog, etc., and it is not easy to be lighted in urban area. Date clutter interference.

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